About us

Background of Tyagrah

On returning from Australia in 2003, I started the Driving School.  The name Tyagrah was the area where we lived in Australia.

Having qualified as an instructor it became obvious that training grounds for parking was a necessity, as below – Tyagrah Training Grounds.

The next step with the economy deteriorating over the years and people not able to afford the cost in having their children do lessons and obtaining a driver’s licenses, I started filming.

DVD’s enabling parents or guardians to train the student by putting into practice the procedure they learned on the DVD’s.  The success has been phenomenal, up to 100% – no lessons done.

I designed a simulator which features in the DVDs.  It shows a new driver how to coordinate the clutch, brake and gas.  This is unique as in the beginning the new driver would be 90% focused on the simulator and by practicing and gaining confidence, their focus moves away from the simulator, to all other aspects featured.


Learn how to park any vehicle from a small car to a 4 x 4 with a spare wheel on the back

We have a place to practice parking in our Edenvale location.

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